Linux Edge picture snippet tool

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I am using Edge Versjon 90.0.810.1 on my Linux Ubuntu Budgie system.


Would love to use the tool for screenshots, but I can not find out where the pictures are stored.

Are nothing in my picture folder, and can not see any thing about in the properties.


It is maybe a bug that should be reported but do not know where to send it.

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Press (...) menu button at top right => Help and feedback => Send feedback

On my build (Edge Dev 90.0.803.0 Ubuntu 20.10): (a) "Full Screen" web captures are saved to the "Downloads" folder, but (b) "Free Select" web captures do not have a save option. That behavior is identical to Edge Stable on Windows 10.  Ubuntu hasn't yet updated Edge Dev to 90.0.810.1, so I can't test for your more current Edge Dev version.