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Links under the tabs are double spaced which is a bother requiring scrolling so I often use Firefox.

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You got any screenshots of that problem? cause I can't seem to find/produce it.


Two files attached with Snips from Edge and Firefox which show the blank spaces between links in Edge.


Thanks for checking.


@Weissguy so you're referring to your bookmarks/favorites.

here is how it looks like on my Edge canary using dark theme.Annotation 2019-07-21 123201.png


I think the spacing is the same as in your screenshots. Microsoft Edge is more optimized for touch screens that's why you see more spacing. i personally like this feature, for example google chrome's UI (user interface) is too compact in comparison and too small.

there is currently no option in the Edge settings to allow you to change UI scaling, maybe they add it in the future.




You have good logic for touch screens which I had not considered.  My tablet died although I was doing sort of ok with it.  I primarily work on a desktop, and sometimes on a couple laptops. 

Please consider adding the option for single as well as double spacing, or however you choose to label it.  Many of us still work primarily on desktops.


Thank you.



Agree with the spacing. I have to scroll. When using touch screen, most apps automatically resize themselves to be touch screen enabled so this could be an easy fix with this as well. Agree that it is a bit difficult to manage and scroll with the existing spacing.




Would you please provide a snip of the issue you mention.  From the text it sounds like behavior I do not have nor can repro... however, a picture may show my understanding to be wrong as to what you are describing.  Thanks.



Thanks!  It's not what or how I took it from what was written. 

The spacing (now, that I'm looking at the right stuff, lol) is the same in Edge C as it is in Edge.  Admittedly, not as close together as the other browser, but, unchanged Edge to Edge C.  Edge, already, uses similar spacing.  Visually, personally, it's nice & easy to work with the list when it's not so compacted; prefer the Edge spacing, myself, if that's the question 🤷‍



I understand that double spaced lines are very useful for tablets for watching videos, tele-conferencing, email & texting as some of my younger friends do.  I had a tablet which had limited uses for me, and it died and was not replaced.  For my photography, database, and web site work I am working in a separate interface so the double spacing does not have an effect.  When I am browsing with my 2 desktops or 2 laptops then the double spacing is a real bother.  I think the majority of users are on desktops or laptops and you should want to appeal to them as well as tablet users.  Put something in settings to switch to single spacing.  I use Edge every week or so just to see what is happening, but Firefox is still my steady browser.

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