Light - Lite version of Edge

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Is there a light-lite version of MS Edge? if not, could one be made as it takes some time/forever to load, with that annoying "wait/leave" notice that keeps popping up.


Cut out most of the add ones like PDF reader etc., and let the user add his/her own choice. Keep it small and faster then at present.



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Enable startup boost In Edge.
I tried that, but still slow,

Would like a lighter version as posted.


@Kan-Win If you have Windows 11, you'll either have the ability to run Android apps now, or in the future (as part of a future update). Using that, you could install the lighter Android version of Edge and use that instead.


Or instead, consider switching your browser to one that is already lighter, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. (Brave, Opera and Vivaldi all also exist, but many of those are becoming just as-heavy as Edge).

Going to the effort to sideload Edge for Android on Windows is possibly the worst advice I've ever read. No do not do that.

Chrome isn't lighter :/. I haven't used the others.