Let's discuss: show how much time we spend on each website daily | screen time feature

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Suggestion: I would like to see a feature on Edge that shows how much time we spent on each website and sort it by highest to lowest.
pretty much like Microsoft Launcher on Android that shows how much time we spent on each app.
so on Edge I want to see how much time I spend daily/weekly/monthly on Microsoft Tech community, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Wikipedia, search engines and so on.


there might be extensions that probably does this but I don't recommend using any of them as these data can be sent back to their server to spy on you or worse, sell them to other companies.


so let's hear it, any thoughts?


(I sent this using feedback on Edge so if you like this idea you can do the same)

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I greatly appreciate this suggestion, I have also sent the feedback using the feedback option in Edge and I would also like to add a suggestion to it that the screen time feature should sync across devices so that the person would know how much time person has spent on a website throughout a day across devices.
Syncing sounds good too, with an option to show per device analytics

@HotCakeX sounds actually good. A similar feature can be rolled out across Windows 10 where it shows the apps we use and Microsoft Edge screen time can be shown, just like the digital wellbeing tools on Android.

Sounds like a good Windows 10 feedback for feedback hub :)