less important compared to other suggestion: open all in new tabs inside folders

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as safari is able to do, we should be able to do the same with edge, by just opening the folder and clicking open all in tabs. without need to use cmd. we just use the trackpad.

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when you say folder you mean favorites folder?

because obviously for that you don't need CMD


"open all" here opens all favorites inside a favorite folder in new tabs.





@HotCakeX  this is right, if we click ctrl or right menu (if right menu in trackpad mode is enable at all, which is not my case). with safari there is no need, because apple offers all 4 options: right click, ctrl, cmd, or just a click inside the folder (is at the bottom of the url list). this is the reason why i listed it as less important. there are other ways, but an "open all in tabs" at the end of the url list would be great

cmd? you mean command prompt? because that's the acronym for Command Prompt.
Mac has a button called command. it's the same button as Windows button on Windows environment.

anyway, yes that's the right click menu. right-click is a very basic feature, no matter what you use, mouse, touch screen, or laptop, you should be able to access right-click menu in every program that offers it.
there are way too many options in there to put outside of right-click menu, won't even make sense.
why you disabled your right-clicking ability anyway?



on the mac there is ctrl, option, cmd (so this command button)


because i don't like how macos activate right click menu with the old trackpad, even if i don't need it. so i always needed to be sure i click in the correct position and to go more to the left to have an effective left click.


about new trackpad in my opinion now is to much on the right, which creates pain in my hand. so i don't use it at all too. obviously if i use the mouse, then is another point. 


sometimes i open the folder and at the end i decide to open all url. in such way you don't need to click other things too. is immediately. 


PS: double click is not an alternative (to activate right click in macos), because i use double click as shortcut for a lot other apps, even with browser extension. But again, this feature is less important.


 to put outside of right-click menu, won't even make sense.  i never said to put it somewhere else. like i wrote apple (and other browser too, like newmoon) offers 4 option, not 3. both right click or inside the folder list are available. example https://imgur.com/a/5J8etwl