Launcher should have the restart option.


Because whenever the icon pack gets updated the icons won't get updated in the launcher. The only way for the changes to reflect in the launcher is to restart the whole OS. It would be much easier if there is an option to restart the launcher.

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@K_K_VinayKumar Hi, thanks for your feedback. Could you please clarify the icon pack issue? A screenshot will be very helpful for a better understanding.


Today Fluent Icon pack got updated and he had made few changes to it and had updated few icons.

The icon picker page in the launcher showed an outdated icon the changes were reflected only after restarting the phone. Below are the before and after images.

Note: Please ignore the main icon shown in the icon picker. I had picked up the icon manually before the icon pack was updated.



@K_K_VinayKumar I was looking for a restart option recently as well. I agree that it would be good to have that option, maybe on the Advanced settings page along with Reset Microsoft Launcher and Switch to another launcher.