Launcher constantly consuming high amount of data

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Hi there,
The v5.6 update looks fantastic...
Noticed a problem after the update, that the launcher is consuming high internet data, don't know for what function, which taking high amount of data. In less than a day, the launcher has consumed more than 150MB of data...
I have attached the data usage of my phone showing the consumption...
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@Rohit Yadav Thanks for reporting the issue, Rohit. Our team is looking into this and will get back to you. 

@Rohit Yadav Hi, have you enabled videos in feed page? If yes, what's your Autoplay video and GIF previews settings in Videos settings? Wi-Fi Only or Always?

Hi there,
Thanks for your reply.
I have the news page turned on my feed page, and in the settings, the video and GIF Autoplay is set to never...
I guess it's loading the videos without me even turning on the News feed? :thinking_face:

Thanks for your prompt reply! Could you please send us a screenshot of your feed page? @Rohit Yadav 

@Ann_Yao_680 this is my feed screenshot...


I do not have News turned on...

@Rohit Yadavcan you go to system "Data usage" setting, -> Detail-> click into "Microsoft Launcher", give a screen shot like below?



Some other questions may help:

  • What’s your device type? Did you have the system upgrade recently?
  • Did this issue always repro?
    • Do you feel this issue is new in 5.6?  Did you use MSL old version and have this issue before?
    • Does it consume your network data all the time?
  • Did you use below feature/issues? Please try to disable the feature and try again
    • News with video, what the network setting for this feature?
    • Bing daily wallpaper
    • Crash or ANR or battery issue

@sarahm1 Sorry for such a late reply...:grinning_face_with_sweat:

Here is the screenshot of my data usage currently since this morning:


  • This device is Lenovo K4 Note running on Android M, with no System upgrade in these days...
  • This issue is new in this v5.6 update...
    • I did not have any such issue till now, in any of previous updates.
    • Yes, it consumes the network data all of the time
  • I have news feed disabled, but in my settings, I had "Show Videos in News Feed" turned on, which I have turned off now. My autoplay is also set to never.
    • I use Bing Daily Wallpaper, haven't faced any issues so far with switching of the Wallpapers.
    • No Crash or battery issue, I had issues in v5.3, which were solved then and the launcher is very smooth since then.

Thanks for you response :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for the information, seems your data usage is for background, did you use Family feature?

Hi @sarahm1 ,

Thanks for the reply. No, I don't have the Family feature in use currently...


@Rohit Yadav OK, as the consuming issue happens all the time, you may help profile the cpu usage first by "Help and feedback" - "Troubleshoot" - "Fast battery drain", it will run 1 min profiling on your device and send an email to us.

@sarahm1 hi there, I have sent my CPU profiling data through mail to Please check, I'll wait for a response. 


@Rohit Yadav 

Thanks a lot, we will check and get back to you if there is update.

By the way, we released a new beta yesterday, let us know if the issue gets better on that build.

Why did you release a 5.6.0 build when there was 5.6.1 installed? This messed up my settings and everything I had to restore then fix things and then take another backup. Is 5.6.1 coming back?

@sarahm1 Hi there,

After installing the update, I have kept an eye on the issue, and it is completely fixed now...:)

Thank you so much for the resolution of the problem...:smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Rohit Yadav thx a lot for you confirmation.

Microsoft launcher is consuming a huge amount of data

I am having a similar problem, but for me, it's more privacy related...

I don't have any special features (live background etc.) active, but MS Launcher is still trying to send a huge amount of data to MS servers.


This is the output of the "blocked traffic" list in my Android firewall. It's like this constantly, outgoing traffic ALL THE TIME...


I currently block ALL traffic of the MS Launcher, it's working perfectly, so this makes me wonder even more what all the data is about!? Really not having a good feeling about this, can anyone please substantially CLARIFY why the launcher is sending so much data that is obviously not needed?