Launch Edge to a specific site in IEMode

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Is it possible to launch Edge to open a specific site in IEMode. What we're trying to solve is this specifically, we have application A that had a link to a site and that link had a direct call to IE (so iexplore.exe "URL" basically), with the retirement of standalone IE coming they're going to change that link to open in Edge but the site needs to run in IEMode. Now we have the site in the our IEMode cloud list but for users that have roaming profiles (or are using a shared machine which is common since this is a hospital environment) their often opening Edge for the first time via this link so the site doesn't open in IEMode immediately because the list hasn't downloaded yet, so they have to close Edge and reopen. 

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@Jamie Hosley by chance have you tested the policy below to see if it could help with the initial launch/relaunch issue? 


Require that the Enterprise Mode Site List is available before tab navigation


Hey @jasonandrewsmith,
We have implemented this setting (it actually took quite a bit of back and forth with Microsoft to assure this applied to the IEMode Cloud Site List), but we ran into issues with this even when it's a new user on the device. After quite a bit of work with the Microsoft App Assure team and the Edge team we did get a launch command that assures Edge opens in IEMode (note that when used all tab sessions are in IEMode). I'll get the string and post here so others can refer to it, since it might be useful as we get closer to the retirement date of standalone IE.

@Jamie Hosley Just wondering, did you get the string to force IEmode eventually? I'm experiencing the same problem here. A reload (F5) is needed to force IE mode.

@Sander Mors 

Hi Sander,

Yes I do still have the string. I've pasted the info below.


“c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --ie-mode-force --internet-explorer-integration=iemode --test-type --user-data-dir=c:\temp\edge

The --user-data-dir=c:\temp\edge just ensures that you don't re-enter an already running instance of Edge (which might be there due to Startup Boost), but you will end up in a separate profile then.
Tested it and it worked great 🤩, thanks a million Jamie.