Latest release of Edge crashes

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The latest Edge Canary version 107.0.1418.3 crashes after starting.

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Same problem. But strange thing is, that I have 2 profiles (personal and work) and only one profile is crashing. Other works fine.
Me too. The work profiles is working,but personal is crashing.



Same problem for me,

But strangely, it only happened after rebooting the PC (no problem before rebooting)

Same - all profiles crashing.
Same here, it suddenly started crashing. I had to downgrade to dev cannel to stop the crashing.
Funny thing that in my case it started to crash today in the morning. All day Saturday it worked w/o issues. Update was on Friday. But today - I even was not able to send feedback - Edge crashed. Luckily, I have both Canary and Stable releases installed.
Yeah, this is happening on my end too. It started crashing all of a sudden, the Build was updated on Friday I guess.

Crashing here this morning. Was working fine yesterday on the same version.

Ok, me too then, and not after a reboot

Same here. It crashes within a few seconds of being launched.

@qsgy I have been having the exact same problem, the latest build as of 10/9/22 in the morning is unable to run without freezing and crashing within seconds of starting.

Yep Edge Canary install update 107.0.1418.3 and works correct. But when reboot PC, not responding and crash.

same here, funny thing is I tried to access the website to download the latest canary update and the site would not load either. 

Yup same for me too. Crashes just a few seconds after start while trying to restore my tabs from last session

Same here. Is there a way to block updates on Fridays? This always seems to happen on weekends, and then it takes until Tuesday (local time) to get fixed. ;)
Same problem. Edge crashes after a few seconds

@qsgy me too.

@tistouI fixed it by doing a previous version of my Edge SxS folder and now back on 107.0.1417.0.

Nice :smile:

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