Latest Edge Dev Channel Build closes as soon as it opens

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I am running Win11 build 25543 and the latest dev channel build of edge. I am running windows 11 in a VM player (ver 16.2.2). When I open edge, it comes up on the screen for 5 or 10 seconds and immediately closes. No error messages. I have no idea what could be causing this. Can anyone help? The released version of Edge works fine.

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Hey there @Lenh51! Dev release 99.0.1150.2 is rolling out today, do you mind checking later today to confirm if you're still seeing this crash behavior? Thanks!


Alex Rowell (she/her)
Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@Alexandra-R    Having not received any responses to my original post, I uninstalled and reinstalled the prior version, but this time deleted all the data when I uninstalled the prior version, whereas I had previously uninstalled without deleting the data.  That fixed the problem, and I was able to use the prior version. I am guessing that I had some corruption in one of the installed extensions.  


I have updated Edge to the latest release and it continues to load and work as expected.