Latest Edge Canary Build Crashes on Opening

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Latest build crashes as soon as it opens.

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The same problem and I don't know how to fix.

@Howard_Roark77 I uninstalled it via Task Manager, including deleting browsing data, then reinstalled. Now it's ok, although no longer have option to detach sidebar from Edge. FYI: It's Version 115.0.1833.0

@Pete_FFC I have fixed it via Settings/Application. Nothing changed. Then uninstall it. I have not deleted %AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge SxS\Application folder. Then reinstalled. Still crashes. I do not want to delete browsing data till tomorrow update.
@Howard_Roark77, I'd already uninstalled it without deleting browsing data and doesn't fix it. Currently I don't have the option to detach sidebar from Edge, which has been there until this update.

@Pete_FFC I deleted user data folder and reinstalled  I think the problem for my issue is Ghostery. For the sidebar, I could have detached Bing sidebar from settings. My version is 115.0.1834.0 now and without Ghostery everything seems ok after a lot of re-login and rearrangements.