Latest Canary 87.0.643.0 breaks browser js (Google Captcha, extensions)

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Test for Google Captcha:
Captcha won't pass the first stage (clicking checkbox), browser console filled with .js errors

Broken extension example:
Scripts don't work, exporting/importing scripts in extension options doesn't work, browser console is filled with .js errors

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+1 can confirm. I was signing up on a website and was scratching my head crazy why the popup isn't appearing!
Not working for me either...

anyone send feedback in on it yet?

Still broken in build 644. I sent feedback though.
+1 Confirm, even Hangouts on Gmail not working, lot of js errors in console.
Edge Canary 87.0.644.0

I can confirm the Problem.

on Google Maps I'm also unable to click on any shops or do a right click.

Bing Maps is working fine.

Can confirm too, have been having this problem for the past few days. 

@lunarsound Mine is still down. Also won't load PDF's properly or load Disqus windows.

Extensions and websites are still an issue in Version 87.0.646.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit). In general, the last 2 versions of Canary have been a mess.

Now fixed in Version 87.0.646.1 (Official build) canary (64-bit).


Fixed in today's build 646.1.