Latest build crashing on one computer but not the other

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I have 80.0.320.5 running on two different laptops, each running fully-patched Windows 10.  One one laptop, Edge seems to run fine.  On the other, it's crashing within 4 seconds of launching (i.e .not enough time to bring up the feedback window).


Is there a crash log dumped somewhere?

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Hi @chris_conley 

you can check in this page:


to see the crash IDs and whether or not they are uploaded


also the crash files must be here: %localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge SxS\User Data\Crashpad

if you are using Canary.

if not, you can find your user directory from this page:



@chris_conley Same observation here. Both Canary and Dev crash/close tacitly on my DELL G7 but not on my Surface Pro.