LastPass on Edge Canary for Android


Anybody got LastPass on Edge Canary for Android working or know if it should?

I can't seem to get the autofill helper to show.


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I think you can find it on edge://flags .
See the screenshot
I believe these flags just provide the internal Edge provided AutoFill suggestions; I do not believe it will raise the LastPass AutoFill helper.
Yes those flags are only for Edge's built in functionalities,
if LastPass has problem with Edge maybe try turning off autofill functionality of Edge in the settings so LastPass can take over (just a thought).
you can also use the feedback option in Edge mobile, by pressing (...) button, to send feedback about this :)
I've read that Edge doesn't support Android's native autofill API and that's why it doesn't work.
But LastPass works properly in stable version of Edge on Android.
I have the same problem with Bitwarden. I assume this will be fixed in time, seeing how it's still very early days for the canary version, but I suggest you report this from within Edge.
You can use Microsoft Autofill.

it has the ability to be set as system-wide password manager and autofiller.
passwords saved to Edge desktop, Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, IOS are all synced and in the same place, in Microsoft Authenticator app, available to all other apps installed on your phone.
Well, maybe they want to keep using the password manager they are already using and shouldn't have to switch password managers because of a bug in another app. There is no reason for MS not to fix this at some point.
Maybe, or maybe they don't know about it and that is an FYI.
I did file feedback while in Edge Canary about this.
That's great :)
For the moment, I have swapped to Microsoft Autofill and Passwords instead of LastPass. It is working fine, but a workaround not a solution to this problem. Hopefully Microsoft and Logmein can work on this and get LastPass working on Android Canary. LassPass just has a wider feature set and does not tie one to only Chromium based browsers.
Yeah, currently it's the beginning and incompatibilities and bugs can often happen in canary/dev/beta channels.