Larger integration with the storage manager.

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Hello! I believe that you may have already used storage cleaning in Windows 10, but I wanted to suggest an idea: Integrate edge and clean up content to the dashboard, enabling better management of temporary files. 


  • Greater practicality
  • Better management of consumption
  • More practical mode of management.

If I'm not mistaken, this worked in cleaning (linked to file explorer) with internet explorer, but I would like the function to be integrated into the settings panel and with Microsoft Edge (even for other default browsers if the company that manages it so wants)

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even though I like the idea,
I see some complications.

there are a lot of details regarding what "data" needs to be cleared.

Browsing history - Download history - cookies and other site data - cached images and files - passwords - autofill form data - site permissions - hosted app data - all data from the previous version of Edge

i don't think it'd be practical to include all of them in Windows 10 storage settings.
Internet explorer or even Edge legacy could have been there because they were updated with the OS, part of the OS, they were not multiplatform, they replied on Windows update to be updated.


I personally don't see any benefits in this. the built-in data clearing function in Edge satisfies my needs.