Language settings confusion

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Is there a reason for any language to be listed twice in settings? By default, there is "English" but also "English (United States)".

And for both you can select "Display Microsoft Edge in this language". Does it make any difference? Which one of the two should be used for UI language? Is one of them more up-to-date than the other?


If you look at "Check spelling", you can enable this only for "English (United States)" while "English" is greyed out. But for German language it's vice versa, there you have spell checking for "German", but not for "German (Germany)".

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If I remember correctly "English (United States)" or whatever you set as your top language, will point to the region where you would like to pull information from.


The language below that doesn't point to a region is the vanilla language fallback, 

and not as reliable as the above. But is created by default in most cases, and some browsers don't even show it.


I would choose the language that points to a region, since its more reliable,

and for the spellchecker we are still working on some small quirks with it.