Lack of focus on (communicating) privacy approach is a mistake

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I just got updated to 93, and there's the usual splash screen with info on updates. "See ratings!" "Apply all your coupons!" "Save money!". All of this sounds exactly like the privacy invading nonsense that is affecting just about all free software these days. 


I think it's a huge mistake to not accompany all this with a disclaimer stating why this DOES respect your privacy. I came to Edge from Chrome because of privacy concerns, but by now Edge is beginning to feel like the worse of the two, with built-in "coupon stuff". 


We had a discussion before that Edge does take some care to keep this info private, but without communicating this to the user, Edge looks as bad as or even worse than other options out there. Please reconsider this approach! As in, maybe put 'privacy communication approach' on a team meeting agenda in the coming weeks? 

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