Keeping the windows size moving across monitors

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With the new version of Edge released after Easter 2020, it shrinks the window when moving it across monitors. And you have to open it fully again manually. If you have thousands of employees that does this 30 times a day, can one imagine the uneccessary cost associated with this?

This is example of a "not smart" behaviour and I would like to make it keep the windows size (as all other browser does)

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When you minimize Edge window, the contents inside the tabs, the website, shrinks and you have to reload the website?

@HotCakeX  Hi, I am sorry, perhaps I was too short in my description.


No, I have one window (for example my home page) maximized on monitor 1.

Then I fetch this (still full sized) window and move it to the side on monitor 2 so I can see the info that was behind my homepage. When the drop the full sized Edge window with my homepage on monitor 2, it suddenly drops in size yo about one fifth of the size of a full window. And I must maximize it from that size to be able to view it properly

On other browsers this does not happen: The Window has the original size across all monitors

The whole idea using multiple monitors is to be able to view many (at least 2..) full sized windows like when you compare two engineering drawings.


That is why this strange behaviour is so useless, just wasting time for us users.


Hope this illustration helps


Actually, when I look at this again, the window in the browser shrinks already when I fetch it: So if I do not move it, it shrinks down to that same size as shown in monitor 2.

So it is actually a problem not associated with the move, but pressing the top of the browser. Unfortunately, this makes the problem even larger when it automatically resize when you just touch it. Wonder how anyone has been able to add such a feature? Hope it can be disabled somehow.