Keep the Old Microsoft Edge aesthetic and UI.

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I am very excited that Edge is now on the chromium engine as it is much faster and not lagging with certain websites. However, I miss the UI and feel of the regular Microsoft Edge, at the moment the current insider Edge Build feels and looks too similar to Google Chrome.  


Overall, great progress the browser is blazing fast and eats less RAM compared to Chrome but go back to the old aesthetic of Edge or be more original with the design (fluent design concepts maybe?). We all know chrome isn't a great looking browser

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I agree. EdgeHTML had a character of it's own. I just love the feel and UX/UI of the original Edge.

@santic113 I Agree as well. I really liked the look of the old Edge, as well as the amazing integration with other Microsoft products such as OneNote, and just some of the unique features of the browser. I feel it is a great start for such an early version of the browser, it likely will take time to add in these features into chromium, but I feel like it would be worthwhile to do as well as just cool.



I as well agree. My thread about bringing back the old incognito icon rather than the new one is gaining traction, so far so good that each element of the old UI will be brought back one piece at a time.