Keep Microsoft Edge on Chromium Clean


Don't add thousands of features to Edge, keep it clean and fast, just like now. If you want features, place them as extensions, everyone who want, add them or not. No side tabs, No Cortana, No Notes, No hundreds of modes or anything. First task to a best browser is to be fast and keep it faster as possible.

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Thank you @Octavian20604 for for suggestion. I will get it to the right folks.

@Elliot Kirk I completely agree. Keep Edge light or at least create 2 versions of Edge; a light version and one that has more features. 

@Elliot Kirk Yeah It would be real better if extra features are available as extensions and not preloaded into the browser. No one wants those extra shining features by compromising speed and simplicity. And also not everyone wants those features. 


Lightness & Speed must be the priority, that's why chrome gets popularity in old days....But today I prefer and is using new chromium edge as my personal default browser....And it's much better than chrome.So thumbs up for that.