Keep losing last opened tabs and all of my history

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Dear All,


I keep losing my last opened tabs and all of my history when edge was closed. This happens from time to time after this last update, especially if the edge is forced closed or the Windows 10 has to be restarted by force. My biggest guess is somehow the history cache file keeps corrupted or improperly written.


My Edge build is: Version 82.0.453.2 (Offical Build) dev (64-Bit)

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just to make sure, are all of the options in here turned off?

@HotCakeX Hi, just been able to come back to test this issue again.


OMG, how did I miss that? OK, problem solved then. I didn't know why or when it was turned on, but now the problem is gone. Thanks, @HotCakeX :smile:

Aha glad to hear that, you're welcome ;)