just my opinion with edge new icons

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as you know edge changed the icons of the mac app. now they looks like https://imgur.com/a/eImIgtl



Just my opinion about edge new icons. As you know new icons looks pretty similar especially if you use it in small size on the dock. For me it was much better the old version, we could better understand which version is what. now they seems all identical, there is just a small banner with different colors. obviously if you keep the icon at max size you notice the difference. i make a lot of chaos especially between dev and beta, because other browser use such color inverted. 


i wish the team could rethinking that and maybe use different icons like other browsers do too


PS: i already liked your old version icons. this is not because it was much easier to switch app, but because the old icon was already just fine.

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@edgesuggestions Thanks for sharing your opinion; we really value hearing those perspectives like that! To confirm, are you asking for the whole icon to be a different color for each respective preview channel, or for the icon shape itself to different?


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@Deleted  the e logo should have different colors, not always blue-green (great example are brave, opera, safari, vivaldi). edge canary old logo or waterfox too.


firefox too, but less between firefox and firefox esr. 

at the moment you use the same method like avast. 


not good example: QQ, Chrome Normal-Dev-Beta, Avast (especially if Avast launch a Dev and Nightly version too), whale, waterfox (if they change waterfox current logo to something similar to the actual waterfox classic)