Italian translation in edge website

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The word Fixed has been translated as Fisso instead of Risolto (Solved). The word Fisso has another meaning in italian.


Sorry if this is not the right place, but i can't find any other forum dedicated to the Edge Insider website.



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How to say "Fixed" in Italian then? Google translate says "Fisso"



Fisso is correct as translation, but in italian we don't say "This has been fixed" but "This has been solved".

The correct translation can be "Risolto" or "Corretto".


"Fisso" in most case is used as the opposite of "Mobile".




Thanks, now i get it, that fixed (solved) is different than this fixed (immovable).
looks like they were using Google translate too Lol



Bing Translator show the same result :)


If you try "Problem fixed", the translation is correct: "Problema risolto"

Yeah you're right, hope someone in charge of that front page sees this and fix it ;)

Thank you, @centomila.  I will get this to the right owner, and hopefully they will get it fixed quickly.

Thanks - Elliot

@centomila, I have been told that we have fixed the translation.  How does it look? 

@Elliot Kirk 

The translation has been "Fixed" :)



Thanks! Now i can sleep better :)