It's not Edge if it doesn't have these features!

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Please don't ship the new Edge out of beta without these features:

from most important to less in my opinion

1. Set Tabs Aside

2. Ask Cortana

3. Better Integration With native Windows 10 features (for example: native share dialoge, Acrylic material etc...)

4. The Shelf UI for bookmarks, history & downloads etc...

5. Add Notes (Inking)



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Hub function access should be included in Settings menu not as an additional menu to streamline access points. (KISS)

Reading list? Never used. Telemetry will out.

@rjansen85 Indeed, when I heard about Edge moving to Chromium engine, I thought that's all it was going to be, the rendering engine. This appears to be just a fork of the whole Chromium project with an Edge rebrand. Sure the syncing stuff for the MS ecosystem is great (why I like Edge on android, even though it's Chrome really), but a major reason I stopped using Chrome was the whole application itself became so bloated with a lot of background processes and poor performance, especially on launch and on lower spec systems. Edge also integrates well into Windows and especially in tablet mode whereas Chrome had problems and isn't a UWP app. Early days Chrome had terrible touch support unlike Edge.

That said, Edge is also becoming bloated, at least in background processes. Though I notice it's using suspended processes and not sure Chromium does.


As a side thought, does the Chromium rendering engine replace or become available to our UWP apps currently using Edge engine? Similarly, can we use the new Edge as a UWP Kiosk app, given it's not UWP?

Yeah, all these features are must have

@tjmoore To be fair though, just playing around with it, Edge Chromium has around 6 processes and taking 100MB, old Edge is sat there with 21 processes and 300MB, just on Google home page.


Also, running up on the tablet (Dell Venue 11 Pro, which is a slow Quad Atom Baytrail 32bit system, though decent enough for basics), and it's a lot more responsive than Chrome used to be. Haven't used Chrome on touch in a long time and looks like it's better now and also smooth scrolling seems to be working okay now. That was another thing Edge was so much better at. Some niggles though with the page not shuffling up on an input field when the touch keyboard appears which means can't see the next options below or a submit button without closing the keyboard.


Looks okay. Lacks a dark mode or adoption of the dark theme setting in Windows, but just a niggle.


A bonus is it's possible to install web sites like Facebook as an app (given the severe lack of updates to the terrible FB app in the store). Although FB seems very slow when using the links off the notifications button. Launches FB quicker than old Edge on a slow tabet though and scrolls through posts quicker. However old Edge launches much quicker into Google home page than new Edge & Chrome.


Will see. Still missing the features initially mentioned of course. Set aside tabs in particular is very useful. Though I know Chrome has/had an extension to do something like that.


I notice potential plans to launch Edge Chromium on other platforms, so that makes more sense to have it as a version of full Chromium rather than just the engine.

@tjmoore regarding your comment about the number of processes used by edge chromium vs classic edge, i assume your not running any extensions, because i can have 1 tab open and still end up with 10 processes for edge chromium

These features are needed in Windows 10!

I can add that as the new Edge can convert "any website" into an app (launchable from the Start Menu), it would be very useful to us as devs to set icons or live tiles to our "apps".

Sorting favorites

Would prefer "Set tabs aside" as an optional feature which can be toggled. There have been too many instances whereby multiple tabs were open and trying to switch to a particular tab at the front will accidentally click on the option to set tabs aside. Frustrating and irritating.



Absolutely, not just Chromium engine but other Chromium features and components like NACL, which allow to combine great Edge video playback support with existing Google Apps and extensions.

Agreed + in a drop down...

@Deleted AGREE! 

Set Tabs Aside is truly necessary!!!

And an option to be able to switch tabs in Most-Recently-Used Order with Ctrl-Tab. Firefox has this option. And it's the native way that Alt-Tab works in Windows, as well as the standard way Ctrl-Tab works in Visual Studio, SQL Server management Studio, Notepad++, and virtually every other tabbed UI except Chrome. Which is why I don't use Chrome.
That is what this place is for (ie suggestions/feedback), why you here?
Also just testing it out, please focus on design, design, design. User design and aesthetic. It needs to be beautiful. It doesn't matter how amazing it is in terms of features but if it feels old and/or dry then no one will use it.

Don't forget to fix bugs...



This white area (no its not censored) makes edge really frustrating.