It's not Edge if it doesn't have these features!

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Please don't ship the new Edge out of beta without these features:

from most important to less in my opinion

1. Set Tabs Aside

2. Ask Cortana

3. Better Integration With native Windows 10 features (for example: native share dialoge, Acrylic material etc...)

4. The Shelf UI for bookmarks, history & downloads etc...

5. Add Notes (Inking)



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You can implement a lot of the fluent design parts without it being a UWP program. I've done as much in my own development. You could, of course, fake it without using the actual fluent API calls as I have had to do in places.


But the issue is that the new browser is not built using standard windows controls or, as with the old edge, .NET Core controls. This means that new Edge will NEVER implement fluent UI in it's current implementation. What we don't have, what I was hoping for, is a chromium rendering window inside a UWP / .NET controlling program. I don't think this is technically impossible but when it comes to extensions and addons there may be issues. 


I suspect that this may be what blocks several other features that I suspect we will never see too. I don't think we'll see pinning to the start menu for shortcuts. I don't think we'll see the excellent pen annotation implemented and I don't think we'll see a decent fluent UI. All of these things will need major changes to the chromium engine and underlying UI classes that I don't think is in the MS development plan.


I really hope I am proved wrong and they are going to put the extra effort in to make it fit properly. But I doubt it.

Frankly I'm not interested in 1, 2 or 5. I really want 3 though. I've been hoping that since Microsoft adopted Chromium for Edge, they'd start cleaning up code and making it more native.

@Deleted I especially agree with items 1 and 2. Set Tabs Aside was an awesome feature. I also really appreciated Ask Cortana, which was much more elegant than simply "Search Bing for ...."



Agree with "Tabs Set Aside" feature.


Also, "Inking," "Reading Pane."

Cortana "is" "should be" done. Explorer search should be used from taskbar search box, or Windows Key > [type]. or Start Menu > [type]. Few liked the Cortana tendency to "butt-in" inappropriately.

@oneberto If you navigate to the favorite it should update the icon. I had to do that for every single one after installing the chrome Edge...



Thanks ... great Edge feature



The dev and canary versions I have installed today and are current, and do update the favorite's icons?


I had the issue with the original Edge not updating icons? If I re-added a favorite, it would display the correct logo and then I had to delete the favorite link without the logo?


This seems to be an issue the Edge Team needs to get right as its one of those idiosyncracies in the UI appearance that held Edge down as a preferred browser.



I'm using the Dev biuld (


For me I just had to click on a favorite that was missing the icon and it to load to get the icon updated automatically.

same here

Microsoft Edge is up to date
Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)
Microsoft Edge is up to date
Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)
I would like to add Fluent Design Elements such as Acrylic, Native Share, and Hub, as well as Continue To PC, Reading List, Inking, etc.
Oh, and Tab Image Previews. That was a killer feature for Edge on the Desktop

@Deleted yeah, Set Tabs Aside and Fluent Design are the things I'm looking forward the most! 

@Deleted Share this Page!


As you can tell by various posts, Edge just wasn't/isn;t consistent across systems. Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you don't?

Much of it seems to be Enterprise IT throttling Windows and losing granularity to tweak?

@rsfarrisStrongly agree, especially on the epub support. I realize that may not be possible since that support was built into EdgeHTML, but at least consider spinning it off into a dedicated app. There's decent efforts at epub readers in the Store, but none have the consistent quality and proper formatting that Edge did.



Respectfully, I disagree.


TL;DR - Some of these features would be better served as add-ins instead of native permanent browser fixtures.


Looking back at the long term development of the original Edge, the entire development centered around the idea of a clean, "no baggage" browser -- one that would drop all dependencies to IE as it existed and create something new and completely clean.  They did start with that but deviated with some of the features you are asking about over time, and that has caused a bit of the bloat and some of the baggage that we now see.  Web notes and tabs aside were two features that were added after the initial concept.


However, even in disagreement I see a workaround possible.


The problems that I had with the features that I really had issue with (set tabs aside, inking) was that there was no way to remove those features from the UI.  Until 1809 there was no way at all to remove the oversized "Add a Web Note" or "Share this page" button from the UI.  I never used either.  Ever.  Many people I questioned answered that they never used it either, or used that exact point as one of the primary reasons for hating the browser in the first place - a lack of customization.


In fact it wasn't until 1809 that I started using Edge as my primary browser, because primarily of the increased customization.  It just FELT better.


So please, all I ask as a middle ground is if this is enabled at all it should be in the form of an addin that doesn't add to the baseline browser memory/compute footprint.  Or if it absolutely must be added to the browser, let users who do not use these features be able to turn them off.  


I never set tabs aside either, and understand that all of these things put together in Windows pre-1809 resulted in a heck of a lot of buttons that were always permanently on your screen.  UI Complexity and non-modifiability is a real turn off for many... believe it or not, vanity is important in this application -- the browser is one of the most used and most viewed applications.  I hear lots of goodwill about Edge/Chromium primarily because they're impressed their themes are also working from Chrome.  

Cortana is just death :p exist in to little market compire to other would not have anything agains if Microsoft open up Windows as well and let other assistans to replace cortana totaly, so people can use like Google Assistans, Alexa, and other assistans. Cortana will never have a change now days. 

But totaly agree with the ink function on number 5, its was great way to just take fast ink and send it forward, would also be great if they added support into settings for open up Window Share so man cold just share stuff direclty to one installed apps or email etc. 

Any timeline on the addition of inking and PDF annotation with Windows Ink support? This is the only feature why I stopped using Adobe Reader for PDF. No other app on the Microsoft Store comes close to smoothness of Inking PDFs in Edge