Issues reading Yahoo articles

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Bug encountered while reading articles from  While scrolling down to read article or comments, ads and images will move from their normal location on the right side, into the main content area where it obscures article content.

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@madman370 thanks for reporting this! I was able to repro it consistently and got a video of it. I'll log a bug internally so we can debug it. 




Great to hear.  Thanks!  @johnjansen 

I've been getting the same problem on 2 PC's starting around June 20 also. I've been reporting on Feedback. Just found this forum today so I guess I can add that on my 2 PC's the problem with and the pictures snapping to the left upon reaching the last picture in the right column is also happening so I guess it's not isolated. Thanks and sorry for jumping in here if it's not the proper place to comment on this.

@Flyer11 Great place to respond.  Thanks for the confirmation!


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Do you know if this bug is being taken care of? It wasn't fixed with this week's Dev release. I really don't know how find if Microsoft is working on it. Thanks.

@Flyer11 Unfortunately, I do not know.  I agree that it's still broken.  Hope they address it soon.

@madman370 I acknowledge it's difficult to know what state different bugs are in. This one is active and is assigned to a developer, but it has not yet been debugged. I am able to repro this in Chrome Canary as well, so there is a fundamental layout issue going on here. 

@johnjansen Thank you for letting us know.  Appreciate the update.

As of 7/24/2019 the problem still exits. I know you have a developer working on this and we appreciate that. This problem did not exist prior to some point in June. What changed at that point? Just thinking (writing) out loud hoping that this might point to something to look into. 


Any update on when this bug might be fixed? Another week, another update and it's still broken. It's getting really annoying and if not fixed soon I will have to go to another browser as my default. 

For a temporary fix try using an adblocker like ublock origins, it will make the ads disappear ;)

@Flyer11 I don't have a date for the fix, it repros in Chrome and is broken upstream from us, so we've been investigating, but do not yet know what's going on.


I've been gone a few weeks so I just had a chance to try out the Beta version. It's broke there too so I think if I stick with the Dev version I'm more likely to see it fixed there first as updates are done more frequently. Again, thanks for the update and I do like the product. Just a little annoying with this little glitch. 

@Flyer11 yeah, beta is actually older than Dev, so things will definitely be fixed in Dev before Beta. I'm glad you like the product.

@johnjansen Sorry to keep hijacking this thread. Maybe I should start my own post but unless advised to do so, I'll stick to posting here.

Anyway, as of 9/5 this problem hasn't been fixed for the new Edge. I'm not sure how long it's been happening there, but when using the Chrome browser today on my Lenovo table, the same problem with the pictures jumping from the right to the left and covering the text in Yahoo is happening there too! To the best of my knowledge this wasn't happening before. I don't use Chrome on my PC but I checked and the same problem is there also. 

Maybe your developer should work with them to solve this problem sooner, or if Chrome fixes the problem first, find out what they did. 

Hi @Flyer11, What this means is that the bug in the Chromium code base that has been causing this issue on Microsoft Edge, has finally made it through the Chrome channels all the way to Stable.  There is a pretty good chance that both Chromium and Microsoft developers are trying to understand this issue.  When the bug is found and the fix is checked in, it will first go into Chromium, and then we will merge it into the Edge codebase, and release it first into Canary.  Within a week or two it should be available in the Developer channel, and several weeks later, Beta.  A very similar process will be taking place in the Chrome channels, with roughly the same timeline.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk  Looks like it's corrected in the new Insider Preview.  Just installed today and so far, so good!

Great @madman370!  Let me know if you see anything else. - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk 

Stopped doing it for me too on both PC's with Edge dev Version Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Thank you for all your help with this.