Issue with tabs reordering V89.0.760

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When Edge starts, I have it go to the same 8 tabs.   I then divide that into 3 different sections and snap each section to a different corner of my screen.   I use CTRL and click on the tabs that I want to select and then drag them to a different window.   With this last update, whenever I drag them, it reorders those tabs.  Not a huge deal as it is only 3 tabs on window, but because it is only 3 tabs, I don't read what it says on the label I just click on the middle tab to know that it is a specific site for work.  


I have included 3 screenshots.   "Example" shows 6 tabs.  "Example with 3 clicked" shows the 3 that I am dragging to a new window.   "example separated" shows the new window.   Please note the order of those 3 tabs compared to the other 2 screenshots.  

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nice catch, i can reproduce this on Edge canary Version 89.0.764.0 too, using both vertical and horizontal tab strip. tabs randomly change position, didn't notice any pattern.

if you haven't already, please file a feedback about this problem using Edge feedback button (shortcuts: Alt + Shift + i ), I'm going to do the same from canary.
from feedback window, you can click on attachments => recreate my problem => start recording

while it's recording your entire desktop, not a specific Edge window, you can reproduce this issue and then send it along with your feedback, this method will capture additional diagnostic data to help identify and fix the problem :)

@HotCakeX Thanks for the response.   I appreciate it!   I have submitted this via the instructions you gave.   Thanks again!  One thing I did notice, when pulling the tabs to a new window, the one that is highlighted is moved to the end.   

You're welcome ^^
I'm trying Edge canary Version 89.0.771.0 now and I can't reproduce the issue anymore, seems like it's fixed