Issue with Edge for Mac?

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Since I updated the Edge application on my Mac I have had a problem. When I open Edge I am asked to enter my Keychain password, but because I don't use Keychain I  don't know what the password is. Because I can't enter my password I can't get into Edge. I will not be able to use Edge in the future, which is a shame since I have all of my links saved in Edge.

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@dellis2020  It might be a virus. I've never heard of Keychain.


No, the Keychain is a part of the Mac ecosystem, but it can be a very annoying part of the Mac ecosystem. I suspect that Microsoft wanted to up the security, which is great, but the Keychain can be very frustrating to work with.
@dellis2020 , How did you even sign-in to Mac without a Keychain account?
I don't know exactly how that works, but Keychain keeps track of the logins for all of the accounts associated with an account. So, for instance, my login for our print server and network share and portal, are all in the Keychain. But, if you change your password and don't know to update the Keychain, which I originally didn't, your Keychain password could be from five passwords ago. You just have to keep trying passwords, and if you don't find the right one it's tough. I've tried to fix it, but it just got more broken. So, I was surprised to have to enter the Keychain password to access Edge for the Mac. I don't have to do that on Windows.