Issue with account name in Edge greetings and privacy settings

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I have updated my account first name and last. However, it doesn't show in edge greetings home page and under privacy settings page at the top. 


Any idea if that's a bug or there is a way I can fix it from my end? 



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how long has it been since you made those changes?
have you tried restarting the browser?

it should automatically update soon but i think you can try signing out and sign back in again, although normally this shouldn't be necessary.

@HotCakeX it has been happening for more than 3 weeks now since the name change. For sure during the time the browser went through multiple restarts and updates. However, the name hasn't changed in both greeting (home page) and privacy tab under settings. 

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Oh 3 weeks is a long time, well, try signing out and sign back in.
before that, you can use the feedback button on Edge to report this problem.
Thank you, will singing out and singing in back again effect syncing with phone and my current setup overall?
No, if sync is enabled, it will just stop once you sign out and then start again when you sign back in.

@HotCakeX Thank you. It has changed now

Thanks for letting me know, that's good!