issue: URL bar results/suggestions shift, resulting in users clicking a result they didn't intend to

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There's a really annoying issue with the URL bar results/suggestions: basically, I'll type in a letter and there's a delay/lag for the Bing search suggestions, when they do load in they end up pushing/shifting other results down. I've found this doesn't actually result in me doing an accidental bing search though, I just end up clicking a URL I didn't intend to because it's been pushed down, and I just end up annoyed with Edge, so this really needs to be fixed. To fix this results/suggestions shifting down problem, probably the best solution would be using what I believe is referred to as a "skeleton placeholders": it seems that Edge UI has decided there should be 3 search engine suggestions, so have a "skeleton placeholder" in those 3 slots by default, and when the results finally load in, they just fill in the placeholder and no URL results/suggestions would be pushed down! 

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ignore the part about "3 slots by default". It seems it depends. Sometimes I get 2 bing search suggestions, sometimes 3, sometimes 4 or 5. I think that's probably part of the problem here. They should probably settle on a fixed amount of bing search results and have the placeholders there so when the suggestions do load in, they don't push the other results down right before you're about to click and you seriously consider throwing your computer out the window