Issue: The person who set up this computer has blocked this site. Try contacting your organization.

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Hi all,


I'm receiving the below error messages in the Edge Beta version since this weekend:



The person who set up this computer has blocked this site.

Try contacting your organization.


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Check your organization's policies

Visit edge://policy to see the list of blocked URLs and other policies enforced by your organization.


There are no policies active under edge://policy.


This counts for all my company owned websites, Sharepoint, CRM, etc..


I've been Googling this and found that other Chromium browsers have the same issues.

For example the fix in Google Chrome is removing this regkey:



Unfortunately I haven't been able to find this for Edge Beta. Can someone send me in the right direction? 

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you checked your client (Edge) and there were no policies visible there. how about checking your server and see what policies are being applied on it? if any.
You mean with rsop.msc? No policies are applied there.
I meant the server, group policy management console on the server but I guess resultant set of policy suffices

@Bas Wijdenes 


I've found the issue. It's Windows Information Protection (WIP).

WIP features supported in Microsoft Edge

Browsing to work locations from non-work profiles automatically redirects to the Work Profile (associated with the Azure AD Identity.)



That's great, good job :)
sorry If i couldn't help any better, it's just I didn't have enough information about the situation.

@Bas Wijdenes Hello, I know someone who is using the latest Stable release and is facing this same issue. Is there anything you did to resolve this?


Thanks in advance

Hi @Bas Wijdenes 


I hit the same issue as you and I'm trying to apply the instructions from the article you forward.


I've created the local policy NonRemovableProfileEnabled and set it to 1. Are these the steps you applied in your case?



Never mind, it's working now. Just had to re-create the work profile.