Issue in the Force Dark Mode flag

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There is an issue in the force dark mode flag. I just searched "weather" on Bing and I set the navigator to 7:09 PM. It should show the night sky but it just shows plain white. 



@Deleted, @josh_bodner can you help me fix this? Also adding @Alyxe becuase this is also related to Bing.

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Well, it's not really a problem. the flag itself says "Force", so it's not something that's guaranteed to work.
Also it's still as a flag, so it's experimental and not ready.

another thing is that, there are extensions that do the same more or less and they all have these problems because they force dark mode. it's not something that website developers offer.

so there is really no "fix" when you "force" it.

Bing is rolling out native dark mode slowly, it's already present in Edge sidebar (Dev).

@Kam That's interesting, thanks for reporting it. As features behind flags are not ready to be rolled out fully, it's expected that there may/will be some unexpected behaviors. However, since this is the first I've personally heard of this happening, it would be great if you could submit feedback through the browser.


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I'll do it, @Deleted.

I did it, @Deleted!