ISSUE - Edge Downloads causes stale files in Download folder in de-DE language


This issue is quite long standing and I have reported it once via in-app Feedback. Today I would like to reiterate this report as I understand how this is reproducible.


Edge Release / Dev (any current release)

Affected OS: Windows 10 / 11 (any channel), Windows Server 2019 / 2022 

native OS language: en-us

add German language / Region options (de-DE)

apply a german language pack via dism or dynamic language pack (new method)


Download a file via Edge

each download will create a file called Unconfirmed (counter).crdownload



in the en-US version of Windows everything is fine, as shown above.

When using a native OS with en-US language adding the german language, the temporary file will have a different naming which is localized to de-DE and contains an "umlaut" like "unbestätigt nummer.crdownload"

The issue:
The "umlaut" will result into a wrong ASCII Character (not "ä" but a different one) in the filename which appears to be a variable value encoding issue.

Ultimately the crdownload file will not be deleted once the download has finished, as the filename is "wrong" due to the encoding issue.
This results into a stale file for every download in this condition, which needs to be cleaned up manually by the user.


Hope this is clear. if you have any questions, please let me know.

Solution: fix the encoding issue in the variable that creates the crdownload file in this specific scenario.


Note: this will not happen in OS installations which are natively de-DE.

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Thanks for reporting, we're aware and working on a fix! It's just been lower on our priority list since it doesn't affect any other functionality.

@josh_bodner cheers! Good to know this is a known issue. 

For the audience I have found an example, how a file is named.

Where "ä" should be "ä" using de-DE language / regional settings on a native en-US OS.

Nicht bestätigt 972431.crdownload