is this new logo for edge chromium?

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Not that bad, looks more 3D, I kinda like it

also it seems they put a hidden game inside the browser: edge://surf/

@Deleted It's true. The new logo looks terrible. 

@HotCakeX actually, there's no 'edge' symbol in that new logo. it looks more like a slug or toothpaste on toothbrush.

Well that's the whole point of making a New logo, it isn't supposed to be the same as the old one :)


Edge logo.jpg

This is horrid, gross & ugly as sin at 1st glance, but, I'll adjust (wink).  Certainly, a solid departure from any reminder of Edge or IE... although, it ever so barely looks anything like an 'e', anymore.  But, ok, it's quite artsy & distinctive.  And the surfing (wave) idea sure is there & the colours are appropriate, (Windows) hues of blue & green , like the ocean, too; it's nice.  It is prudent & timely to have it change(d).  As a new Edge logo, sure, it will do just fine :happyface:


@Deleted I dig the shape, the colors and the gradient. Sure, it doesn't look like an e very much anymore, but I don't think it has to. I really like it and look forward to it arriving in the Dev builds. The current logo is slightly outdated and doesn't fit with Microsoft's new icons very well.

The new logo is the first indication we've seen that Microsoft is developing a marketing campaign for Edge Chromium, and an innovative marketing campaign is essential if Microsoft intends to grow market share in the consumer market. 


I like the logo (it has the modern, stylized look and feel of Firefox 70's logo and makes the Chrome logo look stodgy and outdated, to say the least) but I have to admit that the new logo is vaguely reminiscent of something I wouldn't want to step on if I were barefoot.

@Deleted As heir of Internet Explorer and Edge, it looks terrible and lost it's strict and definitive style, you even hardly can see in this logo. But when you put it in play store it becomes not great, not terrible. Similar to Firefox and Opera. And I guess it was designed for this purpose.logo.png

I think it actually looks relevant, a horizontally mirrored chromium logo in the shape of an e with beautiful coloring.

@kevincrans Well I don't think so. I know their intention that design is for "Chromium" Edge, but there's no "edge" at all. I would prefer previous one.





@Henry08 I'm using Microsoft Edge in Android, but it seems not weird in Play Store. I think current logo of Edge follows MSFT's style well. Also, there's no necessity to consider other apps' logo design.


I do think it would look better with an halo above the left upper corner, where the back of it is visible in the middle finishing the shape of the e, I made a sketch.




I also prefer a finished E logo like this.

don't mind the edges, just spent only few seconds on photoshop to make it look like a complete E shape







I like that idea, could look good in a 3d modeler

Yeah, the original logo looks like a seashell to me but this one represents Edge better


I took what you did and improved it kind of.


Sorry, but this is not good at all... It looks way to much like a C than an e. C for Chrome......


@Dennis5mile This indeed looked like a c to me upon first sight, so either the halo or the connection is essential.

best response

Update (11/4): 


Trade media articles suggest (as others in this thread have also suggested) that the design evokes surf -- ocean colors, wave shape, and so on -- and if that was the intent, the design does a very good job in that respect while maintaining a hint of "e".


Whatever was intended, the new logo is and will be the Edge logo going forward.  It works well in many dimensions, and that is the defining characteristic of a good logo.


Original Comment (11/3):


My guess is that the meld between "c" and "e" is intentional, and tied into Microsoft's marketing plan.


I think that it is well done, even if my first nanosecond reaction was "a blue and green garden slug".  It took me a second or two to see the logo for what it is, and it is a clever meld.  I think that the logo conveys the Edge-Chromium message with panache.  


But if you are concerned that the logo looks too much like a "c" rather than a "e", all that has to be done to correct that is to extend the middle loop a bit further.   That would nudge it in the direction of an "e" while keeping the meld intact.