is this new logo for edge chromium?

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Nail on the head.  It is, absolutely, true that it is by the numbers.  Items that have a high amount of concern & mention, if it seems to be a majority of Users, that stuff is at the top of the list.  It is tough when something is, really, important to some people & seems neglected or ignored.  What they don't know is there is not enough people seeming to care about 'it' for it to be high on the list.  It is oft hard, I think, for individuals to be mindful that this like this are 'written' for Global application, for EVERYONE not, just them or a few.  And be mindful of "You can't please everyone all the time".  MS is trying via the Edge Insider Program to give the best, most appealing as possible to & for as many people as possible. Also, there is the compounded challenge of trying to please a gamut of End Users from Enterprise to SMBs to Consumers.

For myself, performance & features take precedence over the look of a logo or the shape of a corner.  



Seems you & I agree, Kevin. Including about Dark in  Especially, considering the NTP can be Dark. (Bit inconsistent)  As for Dark elsewhere, web pages can be Dark in all 3, albeit with a Flag.  Personally, I am sure this will end up happening without the Flag due to its popularity.



@kevincrans wrote:

@HotCakeX I agree that they aren't planning to change, but we are allowed to communicate with each other about the spiritual meaning of the logo. I do not see a reason an amount of opinions would be necessary to change Microsoft's opinion, since we are just talking about it. Microsoft wouldn't mind us giving feedback about the logo in this forum, so stating that they didn't ask for this is incorrect, Microsoft wants us to give good feedback and the best way to give good feedback is by learning from your less qualitative feedback, except it wasn't feedback, it was just an intend to get a conversation going on and isn't that where a community is for? Thank you both for your useful comments!


I know, I was just trying to say that thinking they will listen to us and change their logo, again, is a waste of time..
because like i said they didn't ask for our opinion to choose a logo. how is that incorrect?


go ahead show me a post where developers explicitly asked us to help them choose their logo. because I can't find one.

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This thread was created by the OP to discuss the logo and if Microsoft really had a problem with me sharing the same opinion as the OP by the way with a few more supporting details as to WHY the new logo aught not be the new logo, then quite certainly they've had and would have to power to simply remove it from there forum.

Therefor making your efforts to present to me the futility of my bothering to state my opinion utterly futile and useless bickering. I mean what the hell were you doing not 10 posts before mine but sharing your own opinion about the logo, on both sides, saying you liked it, and then you didn't like it, and now you're bashing me because I say that I don't like it and why specifically I do not like it. Who the hell do you think you are to try and tell me I shouldn't bother to do the very thing you have already done and now changed your stance on twice? You've got the T-shirt, but now you don't want anyone else to have the T-shirt so you just burn all the other T-shirts?

Post your opinion, which you have had the opportunity to do, and no one tried to shut you down, so why can you not show me the same degree of dignity?


Don't get me wrong and twist my words.


I neither meant nor said none of the things you mentioned.



I never said don't say your opinion, I don't know why you are twisting my words and misunderstanding me.

@HotCakeX Dark theme for websites on Windows? That's brilliant! I just found out a week ago you can do this on Samsung internet on Android and I was so surprised, Edge implementing this also is even better. Just a little disappointing that you need to force this trough the browser, since the Edge Insider download page and Store are part of New Microsoft Edge, so they need to support it their selves, besides it's Microsoft, support your own brand-new products (Bing should do this as well, to attract people to this browser and to extend the good browser experience). Still cool they did it. Apart from that, I didn't try to accuse anyone, but one thing Microsoft does ask for is sharing your thoughts in this forum, whether they won't use it or will, like with dark theme support :D.

though there are some websites that respect the appearance option in the Edge insider settings (Dark/Light theme), one of those websites that I found is this:

it changes the style to dark/light mode on the fly without the need to refresh the page if you change your Edge insider theme

hope more websites become like that :)

@HotCakeX You are right and also

Hello all! Just as a reminder, whether or not Microsoft has directly asked for feedback on the logo, any discussion that is relevant to the new Edge is allowed here.


Constructive criticism and disagreements are welcome, but whether or not Microsoft is specifically soliciting opinions about the logo rather than other features isn't a productive segue. Let's give space for everyone to say their piece here. 

of course, NOBODY said not to say their piece. I Feel Sorry For those people who Misunderstood it.

@Drew1903 I have no issues with new stuff, just offering a solution to those that resist change 


Yes, Dave, it does (too) often seem to be an unfortunate human trait.


Remember not all changes are good, it's a good trait to evaluate changes :)

@Drew1903 It doesnt tie in well with the signature 'flat-design' of Windows10 which was one of significant visual differences changed from Windows 8. Not only that, it differentiated everything Microsoft (minimalistic) from Google (which was all fun and rounded). The new office icons minus Onedrive icon still keep that flat look, albeit they're worst than previous ones too but they get a pass. This is just horrid and plain ugly for anyone who has been using Microsoft services consistently over the past few years.

Well, It is the Edge Chromium logo (I like how it blended in)

@WarGamex How 'bout the other way 'round?


They Won't Have A Logo Like This.

No, I Don't Think That Is Better, Absolutely Not!