Is there anyway to add Chrome extension on Edge, Not Dev?

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i know Edge Dev is the one allow extensions of chrome, but i dont wanna any update every week on Dev. Im already using Dev, but After this week's  update, even i deleted all Chrome extensions on dev, streaming netflix doesnt work! it doesnt even show any error messages, just keep loading and loading... or is there any way to turn off auto - update at every week on Edge Dev? 

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technically you could pull off such thing (turning off Edge dev updates) with policies but it's not recommended at all.

instead, better switch to a different build that is more stable and also supports chrome extensions, Edge Beta
you can download it here and it's updated every 6 weeks:

@HotCakeX  Can I turn off update in Edge Beta?

@HotCakeX  Hmm... looks like to control window services. Anyway, Thanx. now i have to learn about these policies.

there is a HTML file that offers a short description about each of them.

also here is how to install ADMX files