Is there any way to turn off the built-in ad blocker for some pages?

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Hope all are doing great. I recently noticed that Edge blocks ads when I set my privacy settings to strict, but the thing is some websites just don't open if any ad-blocker is on. Is there any way of say allow-listing particular sites? Many extensions and other browsers which come with built in ad blocking like Brave offer allow-listing few sites and the permission to let them use third-party cookies. I usually switch browsers when this happens ( the less time-consuming one ) or remove the overlay which prevents me from accessing the content using the console. 

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@Rudra15 "Is there any way of say allow-listing particular sites?"


"Settings > Privacy, search and services > Tracking Prevention > Exceptions" will allow you to whitelist specific sites.




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@Rudra15 The easiest way is to click the padlock icon (to the left of the website address), then at the bottom, under "Tracking Prevention", just change the "On" dropdown to "Off", like this:


@dftf-wip Got it! But is there any way to allow only ads abut block tracking?