Is there any place to access old favorites that were deleted in sync operation?

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I was trying to reset sync between two PCs and Android 11 Edge to get the history and open tabs sync to begin working.  In the process I must have interrupted a sync operation, but afterwards 2/3 of my favorites were gone from all of my devices.  Is there any MS webpage that I can go to, to find these old favorites if I am unable to find them on the local machines?  Most weren't a big deal to replace, but some were very obscure and took a lot of research to find.



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to the best of my knowledge, there is no way to view your favorites online or any online service to recovery deleted favorites,
try signing into Edge on a new device, maybe they will show up there, but losing favorites is bad and painful,
if you haven't already, please submit feedback using feedback button on Edge from the affected devices