Is there a way to PERMANENTLY disable Windows Defender withOUT installing a third party AV?

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Even when real time scanning is off, Windows Defender consumes about third of 1GB of RAM. This coupled with other "essential (bloatware) like Edgewebview2 which Microsoft proponents argue it's an essential service but many of us don't need or use these "essential" services especially when they are infested with adware like Widgets can really slow down a PC. 

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You can't disable without any 3rd party software but it doesn't have to be another anti-virus.

Use "Defender Control" by Sordum Team but you've to disable real time scan and anti-tamper option since it mess around with defender itself. This also won't work if you're updated to latest build of window.

@JustANoobWould you live in a car without a lock?



@JustANoob  Hi

If you think Microsoft Defender is slowing down - that's really the wrong direction!

I have a bunch of handheld computers that were slowed down by wonderful extensions that (protected my computer) -> third-party, of course uninstalling this helped!

I don't need animation that I'm safe and information that millions of attacks have been exposed thanks to a product that also uses Defender that you want to uninstall!


I'm sure you can afford to drive a Tesla and letting the car drive and think for you. Enjoy the ride ;);):)

@rana147 Sodium Defender control stopped working in Windows 10 after installing 21H2 update. 

It no longer works in Windows 11. Developers are aware of the issue though. And contrary to the mindset of trolls like @Simple_Balayeur many are anxious to find a solution. 


And I believe I have found the solution:

Thanks dude, method 4 works for Home edition windows which don’t have gpedit. (Sry for bad English)

@Teh_Tarik Glad the registry works for you. As an option Sordum's Windows Defender Disable works (now) if you're still interested. You might want to read the comments on the app on their website to get an idea what you're getting into.