Is there a roadmap for key features like Set Aside, Reading Mode, Add Notes, etc.

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Is there any roadmap for key features like Set Aside, Reading Mode, Add Notes, Share this page, and the ability to show (or not) these in the toolbar?

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Completely agree. These features are things which need to be baked into the browser to make them as easy to use and to make them mainstream for the many users that don't (or don't know how to) add extensions.

@edward2-_1880 I agree with you. Especially since the address bar can quickly become a mess when you use more than a few plugins. It can quickly become ridiculous.

Adding notes with surface pen is a must, no other browser supports this so useful feature - scribbling on an article when learning something in Edge is just awesome.


Reading list is also a great feature to collect interesting articles and sync between devices. I guess one could use favourites, but that's not convenient.

Agree with @Octavian20604.  Hopefully the useful features, e.g. adding notes (web pages, PDF, etc), set aside, and so on will be available as extensions soon for testing.

@Jude Wong 

My only actual real gripe towards edge was that it was incapable of handling iframe srcdoc, i had no other problems with its speed or functionality, with the reading list and add note and share features running, even on some potato laptops.

I can not see those features ruining performance unless they are coded terribly badly
On the other hand, they were very useful and unique to edge, i considered them a core feature

Agreed. I use my SP4 for class and take notes with the pen and the Add Notes feature.  It allows me to quickly review and look up info. I also take notes on articles & other items vs scribbling in a notebook. Unfortunately I did the upgrade not knowing these features were removed. This has thrown off my studying.  For now I have to go back to pen & paper or use another app (which is a waste).  Please add back these features. @Ivan G 

@Gii_is_me -- Sorry for the inconvenience. Team has been monitoring these feedback closely and making a plan to address them.

I wanted to understand if you are missing the ability to take notes on PDF or web pages or may be both?

Hi @amitkun - Mainly PDFs but the ability to annotate web articles would be nice.  Some books come in PDF format.  In Explorer I could highlight, draw & add notes while studying.  The PDF book I'm using now has notes frm the old browser but after the upgrade this feature doesn't exist.  I use Office products in a similar way, adding comments, highlights & notes for both school & work (thankfully that still exists).  For PDFs- if Edge is removing features I will be forced to look at other apps for productivity :( 

PDF, I think they recently added, in a limited fashion, think it has only 1 pen, no highlighter etc.
But inking a web page does not exist at all yet in edge chromium, can't make notes or anything on a web page.

I am very frustrated to learn that Add Note has been removed. I used this feature everyday and was very upset to learn I need to find a new program to use now. Honestly, it was the only reason I used this browser and I'm not sure I'll have much need for it now. I've seen the collection option and I think, to be blunt, it is garbage comparatively. One, it won't add the page to the collection. Two, even if it did work, I am an academic, not a frequent online buyer, so the collection option offers me far less than the Add Note feature. Let's all hope they can fix this soon, it would be in their best interests. 

@Wiesshund and @Gii_is_me 
Apologies for the delay in response. 
Team has taken the feedback and ability to ink and highlight in PDF is available in Beta version of Edge. This should be widely available to all Edge users by end of the month. It also has ability to ink and highlight in multiple different colors. 

About adding the capability to web page. That is also in our backlog and the team is figuring out the best way to address it