Is there a possibility for android chromium edge to support extension?

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Is there a possibility for android chromium edge to support extension?

The new edge is great! I can say it is better, faster and secure than google chrome.

But if the android chromium edge can support the original extension, I believe it will be a key incentive to lure the user to switch to the new edge.


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It would be awesome to use the same desktop extensions on my Android.

@hktrader Thanks for sharing that feedback, and we're glad to hear that you're enjoying the new MS Edge! To confirm, is there a specific extension that you are looking to see/would use most, or are you just asking for all (or most) desktop-compatible extensions to also be available on mobile?


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@HotCakeX  Absolutely. It is more convenience for end user to have the function. Some browser like Kiwi on android does support the function. I have no idea why the main stream browsers do not support.

@Deleted  I saw a thread in last year that the function may be supported and I was looking forward to have it when new edge roll out. But ... well , I believe many of us are waiting for this to come true. All in all, this function is technically feasible (like kiwi browser)




I'm not the OP but I'm sure I can speak for him: as a user of Kiwi Browser (also based on Chromium), I'm pretty sure the extensions folks are most seeking are uBlock Origin, Tampermonkey and Dark Reader. Adding extension support to Android Edge would definitely be a game changer, and the final step in ditching Chrome for a lot of users who switched to Edge from Google's browser, including myself. Mozilla Firefox for Android also has extension support.


I know users who wish extensions support are the minority, but if a bunch of guys in their spare time made an Android browser with extension support, I'm sure it won't be too hard for professional developers to implement this feature in Android Edge. I believe that luring users to Android Edge would most likely make them use desktop Edge as well.

@vista_fan89  Absolutely agree. Extension support will be the last straw for most of the chrome user to switch to new edge. Again, the support is technically feasible and looking forward by many of the original chrome user including me! Frankly speaking, new edge must have differentiation with chrome, or otherwise, the switching cost for user is huge and they won't buy just because of saying new edge is faster, easier and secure. 

for me adblocker extension is the most important to have on phone. I use ublock origin on desktop and I have 0% ads, but on phone it's annoying that I can't have a decent adblocking solution. privacy wise it's better to have adblocker extensions on phone too.
I'm also looking forward for the extension support, Nowadays many browsers support them, like kiwi, yandex, firefox and others, many of them are chromium based. I use kiwi on Android, edge chromium on desktop, and it sucks because there's no sync, and edge Android is no good to use, specially when there's no extension support.
Since new edge has no hope for chrome plugin support, I remove the new edge and back to original Chrome. That's not way for me to use new edge for nothing surprise me. Google service pack is still the best at all
More like Google spying/data gathering service pack..
it is hard to prevent private information being used by internet giants unless you make yourself completely away from internet nowadays
That's true, someone or some entity will eventually have your data, you can't prevent that, but at least you can choose which one gets it.
Google or Microsoft
Agree! And I vote to Google.
please add "FastSave for Instagram" extension on edge for android, i mainly use it to download instagram photos.

@aryan57  Forget about that. Microsoft is not gonna to make this happen. I mean, the android chromium edge to support extension. I just stick on google chrome. Don't bother.

This would certainly a game changer and a strong turning point
Yes. You know , I know , everyone know. but MS doesn't know

@hktrader **bleep**, that's such a great idea! I'm sure it would be a huge reason for people to switch from Chrome to Edge!