Is searching history on edge://history slow for anyone else?

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This is on stable using the edge://history dedicated history page (though it replicates on the pop-up menu, but I've avoided that entirely). I've already submitted feedback with video evidence, but I want to make sure it's not just my system here. 


I can reproduce it on two systems, same Edge & Windows 10 builds.


Edge 89.0.774.50 (Official build) (64-bit)
Windows 10 Professional x64 20H2 (19042.867)
System 1: i5-8600K / 32GB DDR4 / Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 GB / 400 Mb download / 20 Mb upload / 100% Ethernet
System 2: i7-1065G7 / 16GB LPDDR4X / Samsung PM981a 500 GB / same internet / Wi-Fi
The main problem is an extremely slow search, as if I'm searching for files on an old hard drive.


1. Open edge://history

2. Type in the left-side search.

3. Wait 3-10 seconds for Edge to populate.

4. Erroneously, you may get "no results found" initially, as even Edge doesn't understand how slow its search is.


Example video:


Deleting 1st item: ~1000 milliseconds

Deleting  2nd item: ~7500 milliseconds

Searching for 'cats': ~7500 milliseconds


These are just atrocious speeds. Are others seeing this or is this bug not affecting everyone? It genuinely does not compute why it should be this slow.


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Search performance is fine for me on Edge version 89.0.774.50 (Official build) (64-bit)
instantaneous. (less than 1 second). i used "Twitter" and "instagram" keywords, lots of history entries belong to them, but Edge also showed me history from before Edge stable was installed (used cloud search), because this Windows installation is only few days old.

I also deleted 1 entry from each keyword, took around 2-3 seconds to disappear from the list. I think it's more related to the sync and how Edge should delete it from my Edge stable, cloud and Edge canary that's also open at the same time.

I'm on a 4 years old NVMe SSD (read speed benchmark right now shows: 2200 MB/s).



Cheers for the reply. :folded_hands:  It does seem to be a peculiar bug. I'll keep a running log of what's been tested, in case someone else stumbles on this issue and/or there's something to be troubleshooted on my end:


  1. Edge updated to 89.0.774.54. No difference.
  2. Disabled all extensions. No difference.
  3. Unchecked and rechecked History sync. No difference.
  4. Some time after step three, the bug disappeared on the laptop at least for a few hours. 
  5. Rebooted. No difference.
  6. Edge Dev is quite weird: with the the same search term, Dev has many more results than Stable, but also does not suffer from the bug. This makes me believe, in fact, Edge Stable is so slow, it's missing many older results (as I stop waiting after 20 seconds).

I'll investigate why Edge Dev is working, but Edge Stable is not. 




And then sometimes it's so slow, the entire search times out while it searches.




Will consider a reinstall next, if it doesn't clear up on its own.



After another 30 minutes of troubleshooting, no luck:


  1. Reinstalled Edge using the offline installer. No changes.
  2. Cleared Edge's cache. No changes.
  3. Ran SFC /scannow. No "integrity violations" and no changes.
  4. Tried Edge Dev. Moderately improved, but completely different results (from weeks ago).
  5. Disabled activity history in Windows 10. No changes.

What an unusual problem. I checked how many items I had and 30k sounds relatively normal:




Once the search term is entered, the CPU usage does jump from 0.5% to 19%. But this is a relatively fast CPU (i5-8600K) and it's benchmarking just as fast as it should be (~1200 1T in Geekbench 5).

Why it's isolated to a single system does not make sense: aren't these all synced?  Unfortunately, Edge Chromium does not have a "repair" install, so back to twiddling my thumbs. 


Maybe I should install ProcMon again.

3 years later i'm googling to see if people also have this problem and found your post...
its even more absurdly slow here, taking up over 30 seconds, both in the history sidebar and the history page
by this point i guess it should be obvious they aren't gonna fix anything