Is "Continue on PC" broken now?

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Currently feature "Continue on PC" from android phone stops working for me.

I have Microsoft Edge on Android, Edge Dev and Stable Release on PC, Phone and PC are paired with "Your Phone" app. 

When I use "Continue On PC" at my Android Phone, it shows pop-up, found my PC, I click on it and ... nothing happens (previously this feature was working, may be it stops working after connecting with "Your phone"). But "Continue later" feature delivers notification on my PC (but I got it only after PC restart), but clicking on notification also does nothing, notification just disappears. I tried to change my default browser between edge dev \ edge stable \ different browser, but this just not working.


Windows version: Windows 10 Pro 1909, build 18363.836

Stable Edge: 81.0.416.77

Edge Dev: 84.0.516.1

Edge on Android:

Your Phone App on Android: 1.20041.82.0

Your Phone App on PC: 1.20041.91.0

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Just tried it and it worked for me... Try rebooting your phone.

I tried just now, not working for me either.
Make sure report this issue through Feedback option.

@saltukkos , hi. Yes, 'Continue on PC' had stopped working for me the last few days. At the same time Edge Canary (84.0.524.0) was supper slow, so I uninstalled it then reinstalled it. Now,  'Continue on PC' is working fine again.


I tried to

1) Reboot my phone

2) Change synchronization mode to "old edge" and back to the "new edge"

3) Sign out and sign in on both PC and Android

4) Uninstall "Your phone"

5) Reinstall edge on phone (it cleared all the url autocompletion and shortcuts on start page...)

6) Reinstall edge on PC

7) Reboot all one more time

8) Install "Your Phone" and pair one more time


After each of this steps I tried to use "continue on PC feature" and it didn't work....

Unfortunately reinstalling Edge on phone, Edge on PC, "Your phone" on both of it didn't help me :(

@saltukkos Doesn't work for me. I have sent the feedback. let's see