Is new Edge dev team completely forget about Tablet mode? Don't roll it out before tablet support!

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Before edge being rolled out with new version of Windows 10. There  are  some changes/fixes need to be made. Please don't roll it out unless you guys solve all the problem and support all modes in windows 10 and make it as native as it can be! Make it windows app not 3rd party app. All the animation and pop ups and controls should have consistens design

  1. Using more native UI elements and controls. Right now the whole app looks like a third party app. If it's going to be part of windows, it should be felt as native as the old Edge. Right now it looks like a 3rd party app that doesn't obey any Windows rules! I know you guys want to make it multi-platform, but while you doing that, don't forget this is also a Windows Built-in app! It should be as native as an app can be! Just super worrying about new Release of Windows 10 will replace my old edge and I won't be able to use touch screen to browsing the web anymore!
  2. There is no way to resize the Edge window from top.
  3. Support Tablet mode better! As a part of windows app, it should support every mode in Windows 10, which include Tablet mode. I use tablet on my surface go a lot. The new Edge feel sucks in tablet mode. Here are issues that the new Edge has:
    1. The maximize and minimize Button will not automatily hide themselves when switch to tablet mode.
    2. In some sites (Work online for example),after turn to full screen mode, there is no way to quite the full screen mode using just touchscreen. There is no UWP way to exit the full screen mode (swipe down a little bit from top and click restore button)
    3. In some site, there is no way to right click a picture to save them using just touchscreen. For example, the 3 Androids button in 
    4. Have problem in using gestures in some web app. Videos down below.
    5. I just wish this browser feels more native as the one does. Using WinUI and all other ModernUI features.

Here  are some videos about those issues:

Using gestures in Safari on iPad.

Using gestures in new Edge Dev.

Unable to right click to save pictures.(Finish this)


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@KangHongjia Thank you for the detailed feedback and the videos, that's all very helpful for our team! We're sorry to hear that you've been encountering some issues with the tablet experience. I've passed this post along to our Mobile team, and will let you know if they have any insights to share.


Fawkes (they/them)
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@DeletedThanks for your reply. There are more issues than what I show during tablet mode.

Usually UWP app start with an start-up screen, But with new Edge, once you open it. the screen will return to the previously app, and wait for edge to load and then shows up edge.

Also there are significant LAGs when scrolling or dragging when you compare them to the old Edge (Not to mention horrible PDF reading experience).

Overall, I just want new Edge to have native feel not 3rd-party feel. You guys doing a great job but just don't seems to fit as built-in windows 10 app as it was.

I'm a programmer myself and I deeply worry about what this new Edge will turns out to be. Will it be as native-feel as it used to be. No I guess.  This makes me sad. A lot of old design were good, for example design of quitting the full screen mode just felt as native as all other UWP/Built-in app. I want this consistency back. Not something 3rd-party app. I hope you guys don't get to deep in cross-platform mission. Overall, edge will still be a built-in app. At least it should look like one in the near future.

Thank you.


@DeletedAnd by the way, this is not a mobile team thing. This is the desktop thing! When I'm talking about tablet mode, I mean tablet mode in Windows 10.

They are talking about Windows, not the mobile versions of Edge. There are Windows devices with touch screens.

Yes, they have completely forgotten about touch-screen Windows devices.


I would also like to add:


  • zooming in and out by pinching isn't smooth like in Classic Edge (same with touchpad zooming)
  • the delete button on autofill, as well as some options in Collections, only shows up on mouse hover (which of course you can't do with your finger)
  • tapping and holding to trigger a right click doesn't show the translucent square, so you don't know when a right click has been triggered
  • tapping and holding in the toolbar has the opposite problem--it shows the square for too long and it doesn't go away when you lift your finger
  • you can't reorder extensions with touch screen
  • things like history and downloads are harder to access on tablets because you can no longer pin them to the toolbar like in Classic Edge

If better touch screen support is something really important to you, I recommend switching to Firefox, or just keeping Classic Edge.

@martinnn @KangHongjia Thank you for the clarification and additional feedback points; my apologies for initially misunderstanding your post. I've redirected this to our Surface team and will let you know if/when I hear back from them.


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@Deleted Many of these features haven't been fixed. The new ShyUI is unusable in Tablet Mode on Windows 10. The touch experience for Edge isn't on par with even with Modern Internet Explorer's touch experience on Window 8.1.

I totally agree with @KangHongjia there are few things that makes me really disappointed:
- They ignore the feedbacks, comments on Reddit AMA and Tweets about this issue

- Looks like nobody of the Edge team (devs and testers) use Edge on Windows with touch, for at least an hour, it's not so hard to miss how bad it is

- The worst one was in a Reddit AMA were they didn't even know that Microsoft has touch devices, I'm wondering if did they ever heard about Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Windows 10 (that support touch and pen)

Talking about pen, Edge doesn't even recognize pen and touch at same time, if I want to draw on a PDF I cannot scroll with touch, I have to remember to disable the draw option from the menu

Can you find the comment from the Reddit AMA where they didn't know about Windows touch devices? I've been to all their AMAs but didn't see that, but I would love to

Why are you sending all the Feedback to the Mobile team when Tablet Mode is a Windows 10 Desktop feature? It should be sent the Desktop team.


Do you know Windows 10 Tablet Mode exists?