Is it possible for Edge to play HEVC (H265) MKV files ?

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I'm wondering, is it possible for Edge to play HEVC (H265) MKV files ?


the reason is I watch lots of movies online and they are in HVEC (H.265) format, sometimes in MKV and sometimes in MP4, Edge can't play them so I have to either use VLC or Windows media player to play the video stream. it would be awesome if Edge supported this so i could just open the file in the browser without the need for 3rd party programs.

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+1 What's the point of installing HEVC Video Extensions from the Microsoft Store if Edge is simply gonna ignore them?

Oh nice of you to mention that, yes that extension, I actually paid for it lol something that comes free with VLC (both Win32 and UWP version). I don't regret it though, 1$ is nothing, just wanna use it on the new Edge
Pay for something you can't use. Just bought the same useless crap. Lol.