Is it normal for Cortana when she is idle?


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so the question is in subject. Cortana is sitting idle (at least it looks like). And here is my numbers:

Annotation 2019-10-03 203504.png

Annotation 2019-10-03 203541.png

Is it normal almost 1GB of memory usage while idle?




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Hi Joshua :)
that's definitely not normal, does it happen always? like when you restart your computer then Cortana again starts using that much RAM?



Just now new flight has been installed (18999). Not yet thoroughly tested but it looks perfectly:

Annotation 2019-10-09 102116.png

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Yeah I'm actually impressed by build 18999, they literally fixed all the issues in it

about the build number, I was expecting 19000 not 18999 :)

Well Cortana has evolved in memory consumption. Still idle, this time even no microphone icon in notification bar (restarting PC has solved problem temporarily:(


Annotation 2019-10-11 072521.png

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That's really problematic..looks like a memory leak, I bet it slows your your system a lot.
this is Cortana beta right? can you go to the settings => apps , find Cortana, go to the advanced and click on "reset" and "repair" separately? maybe that will fix it..


Yep, this is beta. I will try to reset as you suggested. Will revert with results later. Thanks! 


Here is Cortana after repair/reset:


Annotation 2019-10-11 110531.png

And memory consumption:


Annotation 2019-10-11 193115.png

Immediately after reset for about 2 hours it was not more than 40 MB. But slowly commence increasing. And I suppose if I not disable Cortana, memory usage could reach again 2GB.

Oh I see, you can try going to the details tab, create a dump file, send it via your feedback in feedback hub app, attach these screenshots and do a problem repro in there too.
that should give them enough info to find out what is going on, also paste a link here to upvote :)

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