Is Google sometimes blocking Edge on Mobile?

Steel Contributor

I have recently had to attend three clients who use Edge on Android as their default browser, with Chrome disabled.  Each client was having problems accessing Google services on Edge.  For example signing into Gmail, entering the email address and then clicking the NEXT button failed to work.  The same problem occurred accessing any Google service via Edge, but there were no issues accessing their services via specific apps such as YouTube.


One of my clients was savvy enough to enable Chrome again, but it is cumbersome having two different browsers active.  I temporarily cured the problem by removing temporary files but the issue was repeated after a few days.  Clearing the app data or cache didn't help either.  The best solution was to reset the whole phone and download the apps again, which is not ideal, but at least stops a repeat.


The problem affected a Motorola G7 Power running Android 9, and Motorola E6 Play and Samsung Galaxy S10 both running Android 8.

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Looks like Google should answer this question.
my chrome is disabled on Android, didn't notice this issue.
I haven't suffered the issue personally either. It just seems strange that it has happened several times over a short period.
Yeah maybe