Is Edge on Mobile ever going to update to Edge 80 instead of 45?

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Is Edge on mobile ever going to update to a recent version? I believe all of the features on Win 10 Edge should be implemented.

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45 is the versioning Microsoft uses for the Edge app.
Edge on mobile version 45 is using Chromium 77. the 2 things are different.
Chromium 77 itself is old and needs to be upgrade to 86 (current stable version).
@HotCakeX Thanks; another question:

Will (or is) their preview channels for Mobile? I think there is, but just to confirm.
Yes, on Google play (I use Android) you can go to Microsoft Edge, scroll down and at the bottom it should say something about participating in the Beta program, that's the only preview channel for Edge mobile. it receives updates regularly.
@HotCakeX So you can get Beta for mobile on the insider site too?
You can get the beta only from Google play app (if using Android). open up Google paly and search for Microsoft Edge, at the bottom you can enroll in Beta.
Edge on IOS must be offering Beta preview too.
@HotCakeX Ok, I'll download & explore. Thanks for all your help!
For IOS it doesn't matter since they use the webkit of Apple who is up to date, but for Android that can be cool.
And why i'm on ios ? because i hate Google xD.

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Edge on Android is now on the latest version, the same as Edge desktop, everything is new and up to date.