Is Edge Mobile left behind?

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While Edge Canary is almost inline with Chromium releases, It looks like the mobile beta build is not. (Chromium 77 which the current mobile beta version based on is released on September 10, 2019)

I've attached two pictures that compare between Edge (Beta) and latest Chromium build on edge://version and chrome://version
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It would probably be updated soon.
I hope so, they're using almost 2 years old Chromium base.
Ideally i would expect them to scrap beta, keep working on Canary to develop it, then after a while release Dev, then a new Beta and once everything is ok, replace the old stable with the new one.

but honestly, the canary right now is very stable and only has some minor issues, even sync is fully enabled right off the bat.
Indeed, it works, but there are clearly a lot of problems, I do not venture too much yet, I do not put it in browser by default because it has already let me go twice in 2 days