Is Edge for Android dead?

As everyone here likely knows, Edge on Android is still based on Chromium 77 which, at the time of this post, is well over a year old. Questions to Microsoft regarding this issue posted here and on other platforms (Reddit) are met with crickets. Is it safe to assume that Edge for Android is dead at this point?
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Microsoft needs a good mobile browser to complete their support of all platforms. they even went as far as releasing Edge for Linux.
I don't think it's dead, but it surely isn't progressing as much as the desktop versions do.
Yeah I really wish we could hear more about Edge mobile, it's as much important as the desktop version.

@mfcallahan It is not just dead. They keep updating it with features, but its development is slow as compared to the desktop counterparts. The mobile browser needs quick updates to Chromium plus other improvements as well, like the cleaning up of the Settings page.

Well I really do hope Microsoft keeps fully supporting Edge for Android. I decided to go "all-in" with edge when the Linux preview was released, as I am heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem and .NET. I haven't yet had any issues with Edge on Android, but seeing that it has not been kept up with Chromium releases isn't encouraging. No issues with Edge on Linux Mint 19.3 either, I've been very happy with it. Outlook as a progressive web app has been great too.
I recommend using the Vivaldi browser, very fast and with unique functions.


@andYisus wrote:
I recommend using the Vivaldi browser, very fast and with unique functions.

We'd rather send more feedbacks and force Edge developers to update their Edge mobile browser instead.



Edge on Android is now on the latest version, the same as Edge desktop, everything is new and up to date.